KFL Adopts New Long-Range Plan
The Board of Trustees of the Kennebunk Free Library recently voted unanimously to approve a new five-year Long-Range Plan developed and presented to the Board by the Governance and Policy Committee.  This strategic plan for the future of the KFL is the result of nearly two years of work.  It is intended that the Long-Range Plan will help guide the decision-making of the Board and the Staff as they work to develop, shape and build services for the community.  
The Committee recognized the visionary work that went into the making of the former Long-Range Plan and adopted the same template. Staff, Trustee, and community input were collected over several months and via various formats. Advances in technology made data collection more efficient and included an on-line survey. Eight forums were held on and off-site to gather information from staff, patrons, families, senior citizens, business people, and the community at large.  A Community Profile was created using the 2010 census (and other sources). The resulting data helped to frame trends that may impact KFL.  
The general purpose of the planning process was to ensure that the community's needs and vision for the KFL align with the Mission Statement (revised October 2011).  Planning allowed the Board to answer the following questions: 1) Where are we now? 2) Where do we want to go based on our community's needs? 3) How do we get there? 4) What timetable will move us most effectively? and 5) How can progress be measured?  By answering these questions, we ensure we are using our resources effectively to meet the needs of the community. 
"The Committee highly values and is grateful for the input it received from the community.  We have identified the top priorities based on the community survey, Trustee and Staff workshops, and community focus groups while also taking into consideration logistical and budgetary restraints," said Deb Redding-Sampson, Chair of the Governance and Policy Committee.
The Long-Range Plan is available here or in hard copy at the Library.

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