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November Artist - Keiren Valentine

The Kennebunk Free Library announces its November 1 to 30, 2018 exhibition, “Folk Prints”, cyanotype prints enhanced with encaustic wax created by Keiren Valentine. The public is invited to view the exhibit at 112 Main St., Kennebunk, Maine during regular library hours when the gallery is not in use for library programs​.
As a child, Keiren Valentine’s visual language developed under the influence of the paintings and drawings of her parents and relatives. She is driven by the necessity to work with her hands, what the Japanese refer to as “te-ateh” or “applying hands”. Using the methods and process of one of the oldest forms of photography, the blue of the Cyanotype, Folk Prints tells a story of a picnic; of simple joys and the sunshine of lovers’ youth. The inherent qualities of hand-made cyanotype prints, combined with the window-like shapes within the white negative-space, set the stage for the dream theme of this tale. The dream theme is enhanced with a final coating in transparent encaustic wax, furthering the timeless appearance of the prints. Folk Prints nods at the Shakespearean “all the world’s a stage” philosophy; blinking into the darkness and mystery of the subconscious, meekly reaching out to uncover the truths apart from the fallacies, or to realize there were no distinctions between the two realities at all, only two sides of one coin.
Keiren has been working with this medium, since 2012. She is most inspired by the Dream World and the subconscious, memories and alternate realities. Her secondary inspirations are nature, movement/dance, meditation, painting, and analogue photography. The artist hopes to breathe new life into antiquarian processes, to make outmoded technologies relevant again, and to create imagery that is beautifully unique. Keiren seeks commissioned work to re-imagine photographs and create one of a kind Cyanotypes.
Kennebunk Free Library is pleased to be the venue for this unique exhibit.


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In keeping with the Library's mission of serving the diverse cultural, informational, educational and recreational needs of the community, the Library provides space for art exhibits. Exhibit materials may be organized and presented by the Library, members of the community, and not-for-profit groups within the guidelines set forth in the Exhibit Policy below.

On April 2, 2011, the gallery was re-named the Speers Gallery in honor of Mike Speers, former Library Trustee and Friend of the Library, who was the inspiration of the Gallery.

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